Education & Employment

The objective for this Programme area is to increase access to formal and informal learning opportunities. Training girls and women on vocational skills like knitting, farming as a business and cookery. This will involve setting up of an education centre where these trainings will be conducted. These trainings will reduce on rates of unemployment in the communities.


Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) is one of the programmes SI Lira club is undertaking. It has so far been launched in two locations namely Ayamo in Barr Sub County and in Akany in Amac Sub county. Progress has been made with a volunteer facilitator from the communities. Members of the Club supported the women participants with scholastic materials which included Exercise books, pens, rubbers, sharpeners and chalk.

The FAL programme is conducted in the Primary schools in Amach and Akany. These are the locations where the Club distributed the home made re-usable sanitary towels. It was easy to access the community members because when the Club reached out to the girls, the club members requested the girls to come with their mothers. While the issues concerning the girls and their education was discussed with the mothers, the members also found the opportunity of talking to the mothers about FAL and introducing the FAL programme to them.

The mothers were very enthusiastic about it, enrolled and are actively participating. They meet twice a week that is on Tuesday and Saturday in the afternoon every week.  We also used the same opportunity to talk to the mothers about girl child education and how they can support the girls to stay in school.

The FAL programme is facilitated by volunteers from the community. They highlighted the need for a black board to be used during school days as those for the school would be in use by the pupils during school days.     


The proposed club also reached out to school girls and distributed home- made and reusable sanitary out the sanitary towels. This was done in two primary schools in the remote sub counties in Lira District. The outreach took place in Akang Primary School (Amac Sub County) and Ayamo Primary school (Barr Sub County). This was very much welcomed and the girls were very happy and their parents appreciated it too. A total of 123 girls received the kits. A kit contained 3 reusable sanitary pads and 2 underwear each for the fairly older girls. Spare sanitary towels were left with the school authorities. This was at the request of the welfare teachers and intended to address emergencies arising while the girls were at school. The picture below shows the team leader distributing underwear to the young girls while the older ones look on.


Members made a follow up visit to Amac Primary School where reusable sanitary towels were distributed to the school girls. The purpose of the visit was to assess how the girls were faring. The girls informed members that the towels have assisted them a lot as each time need arises they do not have to run around looking for what to us or money to buy disposable towels.