The SI Lira has informally continued to support children in the Therapeutic Unit of Lira Regional Referral Hospital in Northern Uganda with assorted items to give hope and make life a bit easy for the mothers and the children. The need to support these children, who are sick and malnourished together with their poor mothers grow daily.   There is generally famine in the communities and it’s expected to grow worse. The mothers fear leaving other children behind without food to cook, and also going to hospital with nothing to carry for upkeep.

During a visit in November 2016, a team of 4 members from SI Lira found 6 children on admission. It was even sadder to learn that, out of the 6 only 3 mothers were in the unit with their sick children. The rest of the mothers had carried their sick children and gone to the suburbs of town to look for petty work to do in order to survive at the hospital. Every little gift to these mothers count therefore counts. This project is on halt at the moment.

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